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My heart doesn’t beat for you anymore 🖤

Love this new blogger,


I am taking myself back. And no, I am not doing this for you. I deserve better. I can take all the pieces of myself that you dropped and find someone who can help me carry them in time. But for now, I am carrying myself.
I am making myself whole.

Although pieces here and there are broken, I promise you they still work. I’ve found that even in the worst moments of pain, you can fix what is broken by believing in yourself.
By believing that there is more to life than just a burned out flame…
There is me. And where there is me, there is a light waiting to be lit. Waiting to be discovered, and waiting to light up someone’s world. As long as I remind myself what is there, I can move forward.
As long as you stay out my life, I can pick up…

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