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Snow White

Creative and unique…love it.

Rethinking Life

Snow White

Snow White


Snow White was so very young
when she left home for good
she didn’t really want to go
her step-mom said she should
so she left all her belongings
and walked into the night
she didn’t fuss or argue
she didn’t even fight
her father did not stop her
he didn’t care at all
he was far too busy dressing
for the Prince’s gala ball
now Snow White found a new home
with seven big strong men
and though she liked each one of them
her heart went out to Sven
he had bulging rippling muscles
he had hair as black as pitch
when she put her arms around him
he called her his sweet dish
she got herself a lawyer
just to see what she could do
the lawyer told her
Snow White
you sue that motley crew
she trusted her completely
so she did…

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