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Uncovering The Psychopath’s Holiday Toolkit: Gaslighting

Christmas serves us many things, but peaceful is not always on the menu…

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Anyone who isn’t living under a rock knows the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year.

As a survivor of domestic violence and someone who suffered an extreme escalation of abuse during Christmas and New Years, I wanted to devote a post to something near and dear to my heart: Gaslighting.

The holiday season can unearth some of the most insidious displays of mental and emotional abuse due to the heighten awareness of holiday perfectionism, or the ideal that the holiday season must be a perfectly executed event to show how “functional and loving” you are as a couple. Decades ago, psychologists and relationship counselors down-played this tactic as passive-aggression. Now that domestic violence and abuse has seen a new wave crash into the public’s consciousness, we shouldn’t second guess a gaslighter’s tactics and intentions.

As a disclaimer, I support women AND men removing themselves from toxic…

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