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For my Pink Partner, Michelle Marie

Thank you Michelle Marie. You give my PINK Dreams wings and you set them free…Love you, love PINK.



23 thoughts on “For my Pink Partner, Michelle Marie

      1. You are so welcome PINKy! I’m about to PINK I have no idea what I was going to do. I had to stop and give the dog a bath. Belinda gave me an idea earlier. I need to go see what it was she said that sparked something


    1. I am stunned! I actually stopped what I was doing and told Jerry I needed a song for YOU so we put youtube on our (Smart) TV and I had him scroll through all my favorites. This song was my first choice but I kept double guessing and listened to songs for an hour, only to go back to first choice, You Set Me Free!!!! I knew you needed a song! How awesome is our friendship???!!!!


      1. Oh yay~! I’m fixing to Pink after I dance some more around that house! You should too! Turn on that song. I do believe I have the butterfly dance perfected. LOL


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