Sea Shells, Space Coast, Florida

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20 thoughts on “Sea Shells, Space Coast, Florida”

  1. Glad you liked “don’t ask” and “crud plus,” Jeanne Marie. Thank you. Great collection of shells! Used to walk on the beach sometimes. Now, don’t walk well enough to do it. Miss that. Best to you.


  2. We must be sisters. Your collection looks much like mine, which I also share with my little grands. Scallop shells are rare here, but I have a few. They are my favorite.
    So good of you to share this with Belinda and all of us. Thank you.


      1. Exactly! It reminds me of the movie Something’s gotta give, don’t know if you’ve seen it, by my sis and I have watched it several times and the rock collecting reminds her of me. Nice memories, smiles.


    1. I do have bowls all over the house, they are so beautiful to walk by. I collect rocks from the beach and a few from every where I visit. I love rocks. One day my mom picked a smooth rock off the beach and handed it to me and I treasure it still! If you want a box of sea shells for beside your bed, email me your address! I’m having so much fun sharing!


      1. I would love that! I have posted my address here before and do not hesitate to share it. Officially it’s Belinda Goddard
        3 Meadowland’s Drive
        Cannington, Ontario Canada L0E 1E0

        I love rocks. We definitely have that in common!


    2. My grandkids all live far away, but when they visit, they love to go through all my containers and I let them fill a box with shells and rocks to take home. Their eyes are wide open in amazement and they can’t believe that I am willing to share my treasures. It makes us each so happy.


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