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Atlantic Ocean. Space Coast, Florida

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9 thoughts on “Atlantic Ocean. Space Coast, Florida

  1. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    Through a friend, I discovered I had missed this post from Jeanne Marie. I am beside myself. I owe you and apology from deepest part of my heart. I love beaches and you took the time to do this, and I missed it. I hope to make up for that now. Much love, Belinda


    1. I never ever want you to feel bad about anything! I post pics that I hope will make you smile, not to make you miserable. Lately, I have been dropping my For Belinda links in your comments just so you don’t have to ever worry if you missed one. I don’t want the present to become a beast of burden. The pics are sent out to the world via you and they are loved, so you have done your part by inspiring me and I thank you. I refuse apology because one is not owed. Love ya, sweet lady, Jeanne Marie


  2. I am thoroughly embarrassed that I missed this beautiful post. Beaches are one of my favorite things as you know. I am sending extra love your way. How you touch my heart!


      1. You’re welcome, supporting each other is the best form of having each other’s back…lol


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