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Excerpts from “Women Who Think Too Much” by Jeanne Marie

I am a face first, front sliding, full-fledged codependent.

Stop signs mean STOP but that translates to codependents as, “Go ahead, I double-dare you.”

If your lights dim, don’t think about it too much, just light a damn candle.

…live with an active alcoholic or addict and find inner peace; without Al-Anon.

…our painful past loses its devastating effect.

…plan vacations, instead of permanent departures.

Mommy is on special medication right now because she is just a little crazy.

A helpful therapist does not pressure you to leave your man, she does confuse your issues with hers, she lies to you, but she also trusts you with her cell phone number because you have managed to cross her boundary lines. That phone number could be a life saver, especially if you’re driving cross-country after an attempted escape back home (you ran to your dysfunctional family, who you are now running away from), while taking a new anti-anxiety drug which your therapist prescribed, hydroplaning during a torrential rainstorm, which doesn’t even count because you’re crying so hard that you can’t see the through the windshield anyway. It also doesn’t help that you can’t zip the jeans that were too big when you started the journey because you have already blown up from the side effects of your new wonder drug.
It would be comforting to have her direct phone number in case you end up halfway home and forget which direction you want to go in, home or home. If you get lost or finally crackup, mentally or automobilely, it would be nice to have a caring professional to help arrange your placement. “No she’s not crazy; she just needs her meds tweaked.”

…as soon as you learn the rules, he changes them.

I gave him my fifteen-year-old virginity. That very night, I told him he had to marry me now and he said okay. The next day, he dumped me for a thirteen-year-old, blonde haired beauty.

Don’t waste the Styrofoam cups.

Gratitude will allow you to forget most of his faults…

…so when she looks into a mirror she won’t see the woman she used to be.

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3 thoughts on “Excerpts from “Women Who Think Too Much” by Jeanne Marie

  1. If my words hurt more than they help, throw them away. I am no longer that girl, but she is not dead, she lives on hidden inside me. I re-visit the past sometimes to comfort her, to remember how far down I can go, to sort it all out. I write it down and I let it fly, hoping that even one woman will identify and view my words as a roadmap, as a warning that she is losing herself in him. So many women who are still lost and they don’t even know that they deserve more, for their children and for themselves…
    In my book, the 13th slip tells you to do the opposite of the 12 slips, if you want to be happy. That’s the door I’m trying to open.
    Your relationship/recovery blog already shines a light for women who are still lost, your words are a doorway.
    I’m enjoying your writing and I have recommended it to several women whom I can’t seem to reach.
    Jeanne Marie


  2. I sit here I don’t know if I should have read this…I think maybe I should have never read this…does it help me…does it hurt me…do the memories make it so I know what never to go back to…or do they haunt me and bring up feelings that reel me back to a sick person that I am trying to heal away from…you are me…I am you…your story is mine…the virginity…the medication…the running to and fro and being a yo-yo. Feelings I don’t know I want to recall into my life, but is it something I need to so that I heal on the inside. I know I look fine on the outside now that he is out of my life but why does it hurt so badly when I think about it. Is this a red flag???


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